Singer, Ukulele & Guitar Entertainer - Alan Ukulele Yates
Monday 10th August:

10 August 1964, The Beatles had four singles 
re-released in the US, 1 of them being 
‘Do You Want To Know A Secret’.

Well on our website Alyson & I reveal a few secrets of our own in our interviews. We get asked many different questions about us personally when we are out gigging so we thought we would add it to our website so our customers can get an insight to who we are as people not just as a business.

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Sunday 9th August:

9 August 1953, Mantovani and his Orchestra were at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Song from The Moulin Rouge'. The first ever instrumental No.1 on the UK chart.

In our shop we will continue to sell instruments on 
behalf of our customers BUT we will also now be selling NEW instruments as well.

Regarding continuing our service for selling on behalf of our customers we are running a special offer at present and we are waving our advertising fee. 
So, if you have an instrument to sell get in touch with us and we will list it on our new website FREE of charge!

Saturday 8th August:

WE HAVE PLENTY OF ‘Sweets for your sweet’ IN OUR SHOP!...
In August 1963, The Searchers had a No.1 hit with ‘Sweets for my Sweet’ and we are hoping that our new bigger and better shop will be a no.1 hit with our customers!
Our shop has several different categories one being:
This category accommodates gifts for ALL music lovers and is split into 9 sections:
1.  Music in General
2.  Guitar
3.  Ukulele / Ukulele Banjo
4.  Saxophone
5.  Licensed Products – i.e. Beatles etc
6.  Drums
7.  Piano/Keyboard/Accordion
8.  Violin/Harp
9.  Woodwind/Brass
Just this category alone has 1000’s of products making it easy for you to find the perfect music gift for all occasions.

Follow us tomorrow for our next countdown update and through the days left we will tell you more about our shop!

Friday 7th August:

On the 14 August (1965) Sonny & Cher had a 3-week run at No.1 with the song ‘I Got You Babe’.
The very 1 song Alyson & I ever performed together some 20 years ago was ‘I Got You Babe’ by Sonny & Cher and we sang it for a few years at different events.

Therefore, we thought it would be very fitting to launch OUR website on the 14th to mark the occasion of the song that brought Alyson and I together in the entertainment world and after all, the new website will be about us both entertaining no longer just myself!

Thursday 6th August:

We have SOooo much coming into our online shop and so many different categories, it is huge and poor Alyson is overwhelmed by the workload of getting it on to our new site.
This week alone we have stock arriving daily but because of the sheer volume of products that will be available it simply will not be possibly for Alyson to have the shop complete by launch day.
The expected time for ‘all’ stock to be uploaded will be October but there will be stock to browse and buy by the time we launch and of course if you want something you can’t see, just get in touch with us.
As we are on our last week before changeover our current online shop has been taken down but will reopen Friday 14 August.

Follow us tomorrow for our next countdown update and through out the week we will tell you more about our shop!

Wednesday 5th August:

Today is ‘WORKING LIKE A DOG’ day…
Which honours people who put in that extra bit of hard work!
I would like to honour my wife Alyson who has worked like a dog for months on end designing and putting my new website together whilst still running her own business. I really do not know how she does it.

Everything you will see on our new website is all Alyson’s handy work and I am looking forward to and extremely excited about launching it!

Tuesday 4th August: